3- Kitchen appliances

Overview of appliances:
– Barbecue
– Raclette/Grill with  hot stone grill for 16 persons
– Crêpe machine
– Siphon chantilly
– Wine refrigerator
– 3 coffee machines, Filter coffee, Nespresso and Nescafé Dolce Gusto. Milk foam maker for cappuccino (all user guides below)
– Water-Heater
– Blender for “Smoothies” etc…
– US-Fridge with ice maker
– Fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher, oven , micro-wave oven, induction plate (hobs)
– Silverware and dishes for 20 persons
– USB charger
Expresso maker:

A starter-kit is provided at your arrival. It should have enough capsules to get you started.

You have a coffee machine, hot water maker and a milk foam maker for your cappuccino.

Espresso “Dolce Gusto”

ON/OFF switch is on top of the machine.

Select intensity of coffee with up-down lever.

Select cold or hot drink with left-right lever.


User Guide Oven:

Short User Guide: Push left dial-button to get it out. Then select the type of heating program you desire. We usually use “ventilation heating”. Push the right dial button and select the temperature. Then confirm with the black button below the LCD display once for temperature then again to start the program. The mode “PRE” appears on the screen. Once the temperature is reached the oven beeps.

To turn the oven OFF: Turn the left button to position OFF 

Full Explanation and user guide:

Raffinerad-four AA-1513720-2 (17.6 MiB)

User Guide Micro-Wave Oven:

Short User Guide: Open the door and insert food. The (W) sign blinks. Adjust with right dial button, then OK. The “Time” blinks. Adjust time with dial button. Press “OK”, then “Start”.

Full user guide can be downloaded :

Framtid-four-a-micro-ondes AA-1513024-1 (6.6 MiB)

User Guide Fridge:

The fridge provides you with crushed and cubed ice as well as filtered “vosges-mountains” water. No need to buy water bottles. The water quality here is excellent.

User Guide Cooking Surface:

Short User Guide: Push and hold the ON/OFF button to activate the induction cooking surface. It needs a pot or a pan on the surface to start heating.

Full user guide:

Hogklassig-table-de-cuisson-induction AA-1445441-2 (472.4 KiB)

User Guide Dishwascher:

Short User Guide: Capsules for the dishwasher are provided. Use the automatic program and select the start button.

Full user guide:

Rengora-lave-vaisselle-encastrable AA-1414180-1 (1.2 MiB)

If you have any questions, please post them in the Discussion box below. We will answer them ASAP.

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