1- Sauna, Spa and Swimming Pool



The exterior controller is easy to use: you have an ON/OFF switch, a temperature controller (round) and light switch. Please leave the temperature controller in the preset position. If turned on, it sets 70°C in 30 minutes.

Please use the provided bath-towels in the sauna and swimming pool.

How to take a sauna for beginners:

WHIRLPOOL or Jaccuzi:

The spa has different self explanatory functions:

  • Heating +/-
  • Blower system (air) and 2 massage buttons (Jet 1 and Jet 2). Please leave the exhaust nozzles in the preset position. Turning them will not change the flux, but unscrew them. The intensity (flux) is changed which the black levers on top of the jacuzzi.
  • Lights: change color every time you switch them on and off.


The filtration system works on timer. Everything is automatic. Please turn the system to “on” while using the pool. You have an on/off switch inside the skimmer (where the water goes in, reach in with you arm and feel for the button on the upper right hand side).

If you have any questions, please post them in the Discussion box below. We will answer them ASAP.