6- Practical informations

Information on what to do in the region (tourism): here
1- Shopping alternatives in France:

The French “Drive” Shopping System: Order Online, pay, set a pick-up time and that’s it.

If you arrive via Saint-Dié-des-Vosges:

Arriving via Remiremont: 

  • Leclerc Delivery Service in St-Etienne les Remiremont (close to McDonalds), on the route to Rochesson. You can order in person, by phone or Fax and they’ll deliver it to the Chalet.
2- Supermarkets
  • Gérardmer: Lidl, Super U Mart
  • Vagney: Super U
  • Remiremont: Lidl, Aldi und Cora Supermarkets
3- Bakeries (in order of preference)
  • Vagney: on the road from and to Rochesson, park in the “30kph” zone. Follow the signs to the bakery.
  • Le Syndicat: at the roundabout coming from Remiremont ou Vagney.
  • Gérardmer: coming from Rochesson, at the first roundabout.
4- Ski and Sports Equipment

skis leclairWe have a cooperation with “Skis l’Eclair”  which offers all renters of our chalet a 10% discount on all rental equipment. “Skis l’Eclair” is to be found on the road which leads from the chalet to the ski slopes of Gérardmer “La Mauselaine”.

Address: 53 Chemin des Bas Rupts, 88400 Gérardmer, Tel: 03 29 63 04 52, opening hours from 08h- 18h30 every day. Closed for lunch only Mo.-Fr. 12-13h30.

 5- Restaurants

We only recommend restaurants that we have appreciated:

Mid level prices: 

  • Vagney, A Table: Very good service, excellent food and nice setting.
  • Remiremont: Panda Wok, Buffet style Chinese restaurant for the whole family.
  • Géradmer: Pizzeria San Remo

A little more expensive…

Gastronomique French restaurant (a must).