5- Toilets, towel-heater, washing machine and dryer


The house has a water treatment and purification system.

CAUTION: Please drop only organic waste into the toilette. A waste bin has been provided for non-organic waste.: veuillez ne rien jeter dans les toilettes. Le chalet utilise un système d’assainissement des eaux grises et noires.



There is a towel heater in every bathroom.

To dry your towels, push and hold the “OK” button for approx. 2 seconds to activate the drying cycle. The Word “FORCE” will appear on the screen. Push OK to confirm. Your towels will be dry after the heating cycle.








  • WASHING MACHINE: User guide download

 Awod2929 (231.7 KiB)








  • DRYER: Self explanatory.vedette-vsf57h2ds-seche-linge-7-kg-pompe-a-c






If you have any questions on the use of the appliances, please feel free to contact us via the commentaries below. We’ll respond ASAP.


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